Adam Chernick

"Didi is an amazing acting coach. One day I brought a role where my six year old son had to stutter (he did not even know what it meant before this role) she did fantastic work with him on this challenging role. He did not get this part but soon after booked a commercial with this casting director."

--Adam Chernick's mom, Sondra

Kessler M. Trent

"When I compare my first days of being with Didi to right now, I can definitely see how Didi has strengthened my range of being able to play different roles.  If you think there is a role you're not capable of pulling off, Didi has a way of "taking you there" and getting it out of you."   

--Kessler Trent

"I have found Didi's teaching techniques invaluable. As a parent of a teen actor, I take note of everything Didi says and does with the students. By doing so, it has not only helped me reinforce the techniques with my son, but it has inspired me to do some acting as well."

--Kessler Trent's mom, Jacquie 

Cordellia Killebrew

"If you had seen my daughter before Didi's class you would not know this is the same child. She has developed and grown so much. Even if she never gets an opportunity to shine on the big screen, she will shine in everything else she does. This class shows you how to compete in a very competitive world, for school, jobs, and more. She will be able to stand out in a crowd and be seen. I am very grateful to Didi for this. She will not just follow the crowd - she has a voice and wants to be heard."

--Cordellia Killebrew's mom, Sandy 

Skylar Nelson

"I love Didi's class. I have learned so much about scene preparation and what I need for auditions. I look forward to learning something new each week.

--Skylar Nelson

Lily Zorian "Lily has been taking classes with Didi for almost a year. When she started classes she was a little shy and lacked self confidence.

Now Lily has the self confidence to walk into an audition and look people in the eye and talk to them. Didi's acting classes have given Lily skills that will serve her well throughout her life. 

As a parent, I like the way Didi treats her students. She genuinely cares about them but doesn't let them get away with being lazy."

--Lily Zorian's mom, Heidi

Savannah Lathem

"The best kept secret in Hollywood! I'm so glad my daughter has found her!"

--Savannah Latham's mom, Gina


Tara Leahy

“My daughter Tara has learned so much from Didi.  From the basics-how to slate and present herself in an audition, to making “good” acting choices and opening up and expressing herself.  Didi’s hands on approach has enabled Tara to grow as an actor and into a confident, well-spoken young adult.”

--Tara Leahy's mom, Cathy

Cassidy Columbo "Didi knows kids! She brings out their best. She's the best at giving the kids focus, fun and preparation for their auditions. I could go on...."

--Cassity Columbo's dad, Ron 


"My two kids Emily & Elliott Davila have been in Didi’s acting class for a couple of years. Didi challenges and makes my kids better actors. My son started out very shy and quiet. With all her experience in the business she has transformed Elliott and he has blossomed. He continues to go out on auditions regularly. Both kids continue to go out on auditions and are well prepared and have confidence! We are proud to say that Didi has referred us to an acting manager and they are currently under contract. Didi has been a great help to me being fairly new in the business, she has guided me and answered many questions and concerns. She is awesome with kids and you see the results! We love her.
--Emily & Elliott Davila’s mom, Kim