Didi mentors and teaches the discipline necessary to achieve and continue success. She builds confidence and passes the knowledge and experience an accomplished actor needs. Didi's classes remain small for maximum performance, with one on one and parental involvement a key part in the growth of Your Reel Actor.

On camera, improvisation, diction, drama, comedy, interpretation and belief in oneself propels the process of making call backs inevitable. Private tutoring is available for that special touch as well as brush ups for auditions. Didi takes time and builds trust in the youngest of students, while brining out the hidden abilities that can go undiscovered. Her evaluations are historically on target and her love and attention to her craft are unparalleled. Come meet the Coach you've been searching for and stay for the results you've been expecting. Didi's Reel Actors means Reel Actions.


110 South Lamer Street

Unit A

Burbank, CA


(818) 563-1184